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Mary Baader Kaley writes stories for children and adults with quirky characters whose huge hopes and dreams drive them into impossible situations. She loves the sound of spring crickets, the colors of the fall, and shady porches in between. She spends summers healing her soul over a small Midwestern lake upon a rickety pier, while smiling into the sun. On any given day, you’ll find her laughing with family and friends, binge-watching shows, reading while sneaking bites of chocolate, or warming her bones by a campfire.

The Latest Posts

Author Expo Event: November 4th

By |10/23/2023|

Who doesn’t love all thingslibrary?! I mean, you’ve got books, the smell of books, librarians who love books, and did I mention gobs of books? That’s why I’m honored and excited to participate in the Tinley Park Public Library’s Local [...]

Smart People Keep Asking Me Stuff.

By |07/31/2023|

Since Burrowed came out this year, all of these uber-smart people have stopped by (virtually) and asked me some interview questions, and I’d love share them with you. Virtual interviews are the best because I don’t have to stammer or [...]

I’ve been #BookPosse-ed!

By |05/01/2023|

Picture by @TheLitAdvocate on Twitter What is a#BookPosse, you may ask? I’m happy to explain. It’s a group of avid middle school and high school teachers, as well as some school librarians who read newly published books appropriate for their [...]

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