Signing with Ali

Announcement: I Have an Agent

I couldn’t be happier to announce that I signed with Ali Herring of Spencerhill Associates, who read one of my manuscripts over a year ago. While circumstances prevented us from connecting back then, she remembered my story and my characters, and recently asked me to send it to her. It’s a young adult story with futuristic STEM elements, and we’ve been working on edits together.

Because I have an agent. Little old me. Wild child.

Ali just happens to like the kind of stuff I write, like Middle Grade and Young Adult stories of various genres, including science fiction and fantasy. Even better, she’s a sweetheart, and I couldn’t be luckier.

I owe thanks and appreciation to all of my critique partners and beta readers over the years, from WriteStuffExtreme and from PitchWars. I heart you guys something big.

And thanks to Ali for believing in me.

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