I am not especially comfortable in large crowds, or as the center of attention, or even talking to people I don’t know. But friends, let me tell you something. I had the most magical book launch at Barbara’s Bookstore. We sold out the two cases of Burrowed that they had ordered for the event, and we had to break open my stash of extra copies. My family and friends came, total strangers walked up, and I had some amazing conversations with people. My cousin from out of state showed up, and maybe, possibly, allegedly, I had to fight back some tears. I sincerely appreciate everyone who supported me on my very first book launch, and want to specifically thank my sister who made the poster (among a lot of other things) for the event, and my mother who is my biggest fan. I felt so honored and special, and more like a “real” author than ever before. The staff at my local Barbara’s Bookstore (Orland Park, Illinois) was phenomenal. They set me up with a table, took pictures, and made my day perfect. They even said that it was the best book launch they ever had at that store, and yes, maybe they say things like that to all authors but at this time I’m choosing to believe it.