Burrowed Book Cover by Mary Baader Kaley
Burrowed by Mary Baader Kaley is available in January 2023 from Angry Robot Books.

I’m excited to announce that my Science Fiction post-apocalyptic novel, Burrowed, will debut in January 2023. You can order it here today at Angry Robot Books.

In the far aftermath of a genetic plague that separated human society into two different groups—sickly yet super-intelligent Subterraneans, and healthy surface-dwelling Omniterraneans with limited to normal intellect—a brilliant Subter girl is tasked with fixing the broken genetic code to reunite the two groups in the next generation; but when a newer plague turns fatal for the Omnits, the only group able to reproduce, giving birth to both subspecies, she must find a cure or humanity won’t simply remain divided—it will become extinct.