Author Expo Event: November 4th

By |10/23/2023|

Who doesn’t love all thingslibrary?! I mean, you’ve got books, the smell of books, librarians who love books, and did I mention gobs of books? That’s why I’m honored and excited to participate in the Tinley Park Public Library’s Local [...]

Smart People Keep Asking Me Stuff.

By |07/31/2023|

Since Burrowed came out this year, all of these uber-smart people have stopped by (virtually) and asked me some interview questions, and I’d love share them with you. Virtual interviews are the best because I don’t have to stammer or [...]

I’ve been #BookPosse-ed!

By |05/01/2023|

Picture by @TheLitAdvocate on Twitter What is a#BookPosse, you may ask? I’m happy to explain. It’s a group of avid middle school and high school teachers, as well as some school librarians who read newly published books appropriate for their [...]

Book Launch– Barbara’s Bookstore

By |01/15/2023|

I am not especially comfortable in large crowds, or as the center of attention, or even talking to people I don’t know. But friends, let me tell you something. I had the most magical book launch at Barbara’s Bookstore. We [...]

Coming January 2023

By |12/11/2022|

Burrowed by Mary Baader Kaley is available in January 2023 from Angry Robot Books. I'm excited to announce that my Science Fiction post-apocalyptic novel, Burrowed, will debut in January 2023. You can order it here today at Angry Robot Books. [...]

The Kid

By |06/20/2018|

My eleven-year-old son has autism, which means his brain has some hard-wired issues that make basic communicating and socializing a challenge for him. He’s not “high-functioning” or “severe.” He’s your middle-of-the-road autistic kid whocan’tdo impromptu conversations, but if you [...]


By |05/12/2018|

Signing with Ali Announcement: I Have an Agent I couldn’t be happier to announce that I signed with Ali Herring of Spencerhill Associates, who read one of my manuscripts over a year ago. While circumstances prevented us [...]

Why I Write

By |04/15/2018|

Friends and relatives sometimes ask me why I write stories, and the answer is simple.I was a wild child.When people meant to be kind to me as a kid, they called me a tomboy—you know—while they pointed at me in [...]

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