About the Author

Mary Baader Kaley writes stories for children and adults with quirky characters whose huge hopes and dreams drive them into impossible situations. She loves the sound of spring crickets, the colors of the fall, and shady porches in between. She spends summers healing her soul over a small Midwestern lake upon a rickety pier, while smiling into the sun. On any given day, you’ll find her laughing with family and friends, binge-watching shows, reading while sneaking bites of chocolate, or warming her bones by a campfire.

The Latest Posts

Book Launch– Barbara’s Bookstore

By |01/15/2023|

I am not especially comfortable in large crowds, or as the center of attention, or even talking to people I don’t know. But friends, let me tell you something. I had the most magical book launch at Barbara’s Bookstore. We [...]

Coming January 2023

By |12/11/2022|

Burrowed by Mary Baader Kaley is available in January 2023 from Angry Robot Books. I'm excited to announce that my Science Fiction post-apocalyptic novel, Burrowed, will debut in January 2023. You can order it here today at Angry Robot Books. [...]

The Kid

By |06/20/2018|

My eleven-year-old son has autism, which means his brain has some hard-wired issues that make basic communicating and socializing a challenge for him. He’s not “high-functioning” or “severe.” He’s your middle-of-the-road autistic kid whocan’tdo impromptu conversations, but if you [...]

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