Since Burrowed came out this year, all of these uber-smart people have stopped by (virtually) and asked me some interview questions, and I’d love share them with you. Virtual interviews are the best because I don’t have to stammer or worry about what I’ve said afterward. Here are a few places that have called on me, and I’m hoping they didn’t regret it too much! PAUL SEMEL asked if “the spark” for Burrowed had anything to do with COVID-19. Spoiler: it didn’t.The sparking for Burrowed came before COVID ever existed—a decade before.


JOHN SCALZI wanted to know what the BIG IDEA behind Burrowed was, and I told him all about the time my son swiped French Fries from an innocent bystander at Disney World.


The awesome MARY ROBINETTE KOWALasked me what my favorite bit was about Burrowed, and I talked about the underground setting. Okay, I might have geeked out a smidge because I came up with examples wherein-real-life, nonfiction, totally human people lived or still live in subterranean worlds. So cool.


SHEPARD BOOKS asked for book titles I would recommend within the same category as Burrowed. I was able to define the ‘category,’ and I went with books aboutBRILLIANT YOUNG DISABLED CHARACTERS


Gracious hosts Steve Fodor and Chip Hessenflow of the Too Much Scrolling podcast stood back and let me be the nerd queen that I am, and asked me about the title. Now, I’m not great with the whole speaking-while-thinking thing, but I gave it a shot.